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varicose veins video About Vein DiseaseDr. Almeida considers the venous system as a whole rather than as individual parts. The deep system of veins within the muscular compartments of the legs communicates with the superficial system of veins under the skin and fatty tissue (outside the muscles) through a network of communicating veins which act as bridges between the two systems. The deep system returns more than 95% of the venous blood from the legs to the pelvis, while the superficial system accounts for 5% or less. Since leakiness in the superficial veins is responsible for more than 95% of patients’ problems seen at the Miami Vein Center, ultrasound evaluation of the lower extremity venous systems is an integral part of their comprehensive venous workup. This evaluation will ensure that any underlying vein problems are identified, and, if necessary, corrected before treatment of the external signs of venous disease is initiated. For example, prior to removing bulging veins in the calf, it is important to first identify the underlying leaky vein and seal it, thereby decreasing the chance that other bulging veins will develop in the future. Approximately 30 million adults in the United States may suffer from treatable, symptomatic, superficial venous insufficiency. Many of these patients as well as their primary care or specialty physicians may not be fully aware of the advances made in the treatment of venous insufficiency in the last 5-10 years. Since 2000, vein stripping has been replaced by endovenous closure procedures as the preferred treatment of patients with symptoms related to saphenous vein and other superficial venous insufficiency. Many patients once thought to have untreatable venous problems may now be excellent candidates for endovenous closure. Dr. Almeida offers both VNUS radiofrequency and LASER vein closure procedures. He is also very skilled in microphlebectomy (removal of large ropey veins through tiny incisions) as well as treatment of all types of smaller varicose and spider veins with sclerotherapy (injections or laser).




Vein Disease Symptoms

Symptoms of vein diseases may include leg heaviness, pain or tenderness along the course of a vein, pruritus, burning, restlessness, night cramps, edema, skin changes, and paresthesias.
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Dr. Almeida

Jose I. Almeida, MD, FACS, RVT is a fellowship trained, board certified vascular surgeon in Miami, Florida and founder of the Miami Vein Center. Dedicating his life to treating people with vein disease, Dr. Almeida is a pioneer in endovenous therapy - the safe, minimally invasive procedure to eradicate varicose veins.
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Cutting Edge Technology Treatments

The Miami Vein Center wants to stay on the cutting edge of technology.Therefore, in addition to the clinical services and teaching offered at the Center, sophisticated research normally reserved for the large academic medical centers, is being undertaken.
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Before & After Gallery

View Miami Vein Center's actual patients before and after vein treatment photos.
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The Miami Vein Center, under the direction of Dr. Jose Almeida, offers the latest treatment options for vein disease, including varicose veins, spider veins and venous reflux. We use only safe, minimally invasive procedures that offer our patients a more pleasant experience, with only local anesthetics and no need to visit a hospital or experience lengthy recovery times. Leading vascular doctor Dr. Almeida is a pioneer in the area of endovenous laser treatment, a highly effective procedure that can improve the health and beauty of your legs. In addition, we offer saphenous vein ablation, sclerotherapy, phlebectomy and radiofrequency ablation. In fact, spider and varicose vein doctors from around the world learn about vein disease treatment through Dr. Almeida's live webcasts from the Miami Vein Center. Our highly experienced vein specialists work with patients in our state-of-the-art facility, which includes newly renovated exam rooms, operating rooms and administrative offices. You can rest assured that our individualized treatments will relieve your swollen legs & ankles and restore your quality of life. You can find us at 1501 South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33129 or call for an appointment at (305) 854-1555.
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