About Miami Vein Center

Why Miami Vein Center?

Miami Vein Center was founded Dr. Jose Almeida, a double boarded vascular surgeon, in 1999.  Miami Vein Center combines the unparalleled expertise of Dr. Jose Almeida with a clinically proven new technology called “endovascular venous surgery”  to treat all spectrums of venous diseases.   Miami Vein understands that each patient is an individual with different issues and goals, and carefully personalizes its services around each patient’s specific needs.

Exceeding Your Expectations

As a pioneer in endovascular venous surgery, Dr. Almeida and his staff have performed over 10 thousand procedures for the treatment of venous diseases, including occluded deep veins, pelvic veins, varicose and spider veins, with outstanding results. In fact, Dr. Almeida has literally written the book on endovascular venous surgery.


In a field often flooded with non-experts and marginal techniques, the Miami Vein Center
out and stands tall, setting the standard of excellence for vascular care in the region.

How? By combining the expertise of a world-renowned vascular physician – Dr. Jose Almeida – with
the comfort, convenience, and patient-centric focus of a private practice, Miami Vein Center
offers patients life-changing vascular disease management that is second to none.

We call this standard of excellence V.E.I.N. – an acronym that stands for:

Miami Vein Center - V


Miami Vein Center is vascular disease practice specializing in the treatment of venous disease.

Miami Vein Center - E


Led by Dr. Jose Almeida, a respected professor and recognized world leader in vascular disease management.

Miami Vein Center - I


We never cut corners, period.

Miami Vein Center - N


We are a network of professionals dedicated to providing patients with the information they need to make proper decisions and aid in evaluation and treatment at all stages.


We are here to help you. Click below to send us an email, or give us a call at your convenience:
Phone: 305-854-1555 (Se habla Español)