Ankle and leg swelling are such a common ailment among the middle aged and elderly that some may be tempted to dismiss them as normal. While it is true that these issues are common, they should not be dismissed as innocuous. According to the spectrum of vein disorders, swollen legs and ankles would be a symptom of moderate venous disease.


Blood circulates from the extremities back to the heart with the help of valves that propel blood through veins. Overtime, valves may become exhausted and cause blood and other fluids to accumulate in the lower legs. This deteriorates the inner walls of the veins, and creates swelling. Those suffering from malfunctioning veins experience increasing discomfort.


Staying active helps diminish the adverse effects of gravity on the body, as well as helping boost your circulation. If you are suffering from leg and ankle swelling, the last thing you want to do is ignore the problem and wish it away.


Patients should consult with a board certified vascular surgeon. Make sure the doctor was fellowship-trained, is board certified by the American Board of Surgery, has hospital privileges, and their vascular lab is certified by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission. At Miami Vein, we are fully credentialed to treat venous conditions. Not only is our Medical Director – Jose Almeida, MD a pioneer in venous treatments, but our practice meets all the above criteria.


Our team will assess your medical history and conduct a thorough ultrasound before devising a treatment plan. We will ensure that you are treated as quickly and as effectively as possible. Schedule your appointment now and enjoy the quality attention you deserve.