In searching for solutions to your circulation issues, you may have come across a few buzz words like “laser ablation” or “phlebectomy.” Those are indeed very less- invasive approaches to resolving malfunctioning veins, but are they right for you?

At Miami Vein we deem conservative treatments to be integral to any treatment plan, as they not only prevent circulation issues but also help prolong the effect of many medical interventions.

Examples of conservative treatments our doctor, Jose Almeida, MD, may recommend:

1. Compression Stockings

Most vein problems begin with exhausted valves, which progressively lose their ability to pump blood from the lower extremities of the body back to the heart. As blood accumulates in those blood vessels, they deteriorate. With the help of compression stockings, blood flows back up to the heart more easily and blood vessels receive enough support to help slow down their deterioration.

2. Exercise

Exercise gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing more vigorously. This is in turn improves the performance of your veins and valves, by reducing the likelihood that blood remains stagnant in the lower extremities of your body. Cardio in particular has been shown to reduce the likelihood of blood clots and heart disease, which are both important factors in the development of vein disorders.

3. Diet

Another staple of good health is eating a balanced and healthy diet. There is really no substitution for ingesting the nutrients your body needs to run well. In particular, consuming the right amount of fiber is a great way to improve vascular function. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables is also an excellent way to keep your heart healthy, which is instrumental for healthy circulation.


At Miami Vein, our physicians are highly skilled in the domain of venous disease. Our lead doctor Jose Almeida is a board-certified vascular surgeon, who is renowned for his leadership in venous medicine. Contact Miami Vein today to schedule a consultation and determine which treatment is best for you.