The best medicine is disease prevention. Developing healthy habits is essential to a long and healthy life, and ideally will reduce doctor visits.

Nature is abundant with life-sustaining elements, but, applied in the wrong context, natural remedies can be ineffective or even harmful. When it comes to naturally curing diseases like varicose veins, the Internet offers a flurry of do-it-yourself tutorials. But the fundamental facts are often ignored in these teachings.

One proposed regimen suggests using tomatoes as a topical solution for varicose veins. To the untrained eye, the insight on tomatoes’ properties seems persuasive enough. With anticoagulant agents, it only makes sense why tomatoes would be the ideal cure for a disease deriving from poor blood circulation. But the tutorial is misleading, promoting an ineffective solution for complicated disease.

1.  Varicose veins are more than skin deep. 

These veins have lost their functionality and deteriorated beneath the surface of the skin, making them useless for blood circulation and unsightly. Thus, a topical solution is not enough. They are normally treated with ablation and phlebectomy, used to close and remove the veins.

2. Anticoagulants do not help varicose veins

The main rationale behind using tomatoes is their anticoagulant effects. But the tutorial neglects to explain that anticoagulants are for blood clotting disorders. As described above, a varicose vein has lost its functionality and is no longer pumping blood toward the heart due to its misshapen nature and the pull of gravity. Anticoagulants would not heal those issues.

3. Where is the medicine?

The most glaring issue with this video is the lack of professional backing. The tutorial presents no scientific research or professional opinions regarding these proposed treatment options.


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