Things to Know Before Having Any Varicose Vein Procedure

Patient care goes beyond medical treatment. It is also the proper education of the people who entrust their health and wellness into the hands of medical professionals. Unfortunately, the exchange of knowledge for trust can become skewed, with many doctors being motivated by their own gain, and not by the health of their patients.

Health education has therefore become a priority for many patients who wish to be less vulnerable to medical misdirection. In an effort to support patient education, we have compiled a list of pre-requisites to venous surgery. Below are eight guidelines one should follow before undergoing venous procedures.

Only have laser treatment if you have one or more of the following:

– Bulging Varicose Veins: these will appear as gnarled and bumpy below the surface of the skin

– Leg Pain: poor blood circulation can damaged the functioning of other related organs, eventually causing pain

– Leg Swelling (Lipodermatosclerosis): this is another symptom of poor circulation. Typically when blood fails to be properly pumped from the lower legs back to the heart, it can accumulate at the bottom of the legs and cause swelling

– Skin Changes or Ulcer of Lower Extremities: these tend to accompany of the most extreme stage of venous disease. Issues that affect skin appearance usually result from venous disease left untreated for an extended period of time.


Ask your doctor if removing a vein is absolutely necessary.

If your condition is superficial and mostly aesthetic, consider carefully the long-term pros and cons of removing the vein. Veins are often repurposed for coronary bypasses, a life saving procedure.


Request that your laser ablation is done on the same day as a phlebectomy to remove the bulging varicose veins.

If your doctor is recommending an ablation—the heat-zapping of a malfunctioning vein—inquire about doing a phlebectomy during the same appointment. The two procedures complement each other, with the ablation closing the vein, and the phlebectomy removing the vein entirely. An ablation alone will not improve the appearance of varicose veins.


Surgeries should not be staged.

Safe for spider vein treatment, all procedures should be done in one session per leg. This is not only cost efficient for the patient, but reduces the unnecessary hassles and recovery time.


Make sure your doctor does not reuse laser fibers.

It has been recently discovered that instead of using new laser fibers for each patient, some doctors are cutting the tips of their lasers for re-use on the next patient. This is an obvious health hazard.


If you have varicose veins, you should not be having sclerotherapy injections.

Although often recommended, this will be ineffective without treating the underlying issue and can cause stains to the skin.


Make sure you go to an IAC accredited vein center. 

This will enhance the likelihood that the physicians you work with abide by a strict ethical code and are properly trained. Look them up here:


Get a second opinion.

It is always good to have another professional opinion solidify a diagnosis you have received.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any information provided above, we would be happy to speak with you. The Miami Vein Center led by Dr. Almeida serves its patients with integrity and goes above and beyond to educate them about their presenting conditions. Dr. Almeida is also an active member of the Vascular Quality Initiative, a network of medical professionals dedicated to improving the quality of vascular heath care.

There are several locations in Southern Florida to have your condition treated, but only Miami Vein Center specializes primarily in vascular diseases and treatment. Doctor Almeida will take the time to assess your individual condition and properly diagnose your vascular condition.

During your consultation, Dr. Almeida will discuss your health and medical history with you to determine which course of treatment is best as well as any potential risks or side effects that could apply to you. Your treatment plan will be created using the least invasive methods and the latest technology, and all vascular treatments are done in-house at Miami Vein Center.

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