Technological progress in the domain of venous disease has revolutionized and simplified vascular surgery, but unfortunately opened the door for poorly trained physicians to enter the field. What is being observed is a rampant deregulation of vein disease treatment. Doctors who do not have the proper credentials market themselves as experts and use dubious methods to attract unsuspecting patients to their offices. with the help of misleading advertisements which leverage the power of the Internet and television, innocent people looking for treatment are often lured into surgeries and procedures that are unwarranted.

At the Miami vein center, we are committed to the ethical treatment of all of our patients. The following are five questions to ask your doctor before trusting them to treat your symptoms.

1) Have you been Certified by the Board in Vascular Surgery, Interventional Radiology, or Interventional Cardiology?

This may sound fancy on the surface, but every Venous physician used to have the backing of these regulatory agencies before being able to perform any vein surgeries. The recent loosening of training standards have diminished the likelihood that all doctors will have the certification. But the best way to ensure that you will be treated with the utmost care is to consult a doctor that is trained properly.

2) Do you have hospital privileges in any of the 3 specialities listed in question #1 ?

Once more, hospital privileges are a staple of traditionally trained Venous surgeons. This is a clear marker of a vein expert, worthy to be trusted to treat your vascular issues.

3) Is your Vascular Lab (the place where the ultrasound of your legs is performed) certified by the IAC (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission)?

The answer to this question should be yes. That IAC ensures that all proper protocols are followed.

4) Do you recommend that I have 4, 5, or 6 separate LASER vein ablations for my varicose veins?

The answer should be no. Fraudulent doctors may draw out your treatment plan for their own financial gain. This sort of superficial procedure should be done within fewer treatments .

5) Do you recommend that I have an ablation procedure for my spider veins?

Spider veins are tiny vessels that have already lost their functionality but do not require an ablation. If a doctor recommends this treatment, this is a sure fire sign that his training or code of ethics leaves much to be desired.

If your doctor cannot answer these simple questions you need a second opinion! Our experts at the Miami vein center pride themselves in their scrupulous work ethic and high level expertise. Conveniently located in Brickell they are the best at treating vein disease.